Digital Microwave Consulting      

Providing Technical Expertise

  • Need help with your NTIA / USDA  - Community Connect, BIP or BTOP project? Grants and awards provide a tremendous opportunity, don't waste your valuable ARRA funds. We are expert in these projects and have an extensive Wireless Broadband background in rural markets.
  • Planning a "White Spaces" Project? We can help; providing analysis of available bandwidth and determining link budgets and profiles.
  • Broadband, Fixed Wireless Two-Way System Designs for High Speed Internet. Cellular and Sectorized Radio Architectures, Employing 16 or 64 QAM, QPSK, CDMA, TDMA, OFDM  and WiMAX Modulations.
  • MMDS Entertainment Video Systems utilizing MPEG on 64 QAM and Analog Modulations.
  • Wireless Engineering of Point to Point, Point to Multi-point Microwave Transport and Relay Systems for Video, T1, DS1, DS3, 10 B/T, 100 B/T, Serial, Analog Voice, and Telemetry. Including MVDDS, BRS, EBS, WCS, MDS / ITFS / MMDS,  Wi-Fi (802.11), WiMAX (802.16), CARS and Point to Point Microwave Channels. Multi-sector designs in AWS spectrum.

What kind of services can Digital Microwave Consulting provide?
      Many companies involved in the expansion, construction or creation of Broadband Wireless Internet Businesses are unfamiliar with the technical or operational requirements of their new endeavors. These new operations are often based on spectrum ownership, expansion of a traditional ISP, or conversion from an entertainment video business. New challenges confront the owners and management of these businesses. Additionally, some companies attempt to start operations without experienced assistance and latter find themselves burdened with technical and operational problems.
      Digital Microwave Consulting can provide expert services in the selection of data platforms, instrumentation and RF transport systems, appropriate to the budget, schedule and intended service requirements of the enterprise. We can provide assistance and supervision of the system integration, including licensing, installation, characterization, turn up of the system and the attachment of revenue generating subscribers.
      In the case of existing operations mired in technical or operations issues, we can assist in determining the technical problems related to the unreliable or unsuccessful attachment of new subscribers. Are you blaming your installer for a problem at the access point? Do you have customer complaints of "slow speeds"? Is your coverage deficient? Are you in compliance with Federal Communications Commission regulations?

      Most companies already have good employees that only lack experience and knowledge, something we can supply. Put our competencies to work, get the most from your Broadband Wireless System!

      Now providing VoIP Services for 1 to 1000 users! (more about this)
Carson City

Additional Services

  • Hardware and System Designs, Design Reviews
  • Broadband Wireless Platform Selection and Evaluation
  • Municipal WiFi and City Wide HotSpot Development
  • Antenna and Tower Site Location Services
  • Traffic, TCP/IP Throughput and Cost Models and Analysis
  • Multi-path Signal Problem Identification and Correction
  • MVDDS  (Multichannel Video Distribution and Data Service)
  • RF and Microwave Link Budget Calculations and Analysis
  • Transmitter Alignment and Conformance Testing
  • Test Equipment Selection
  • Vendor Surveillance and Contract Conformance Monitoring
  • CATV, MATV (MDU), HDTV, Digital TV (DTV) and Satellite Headend Design and Construction Assistance
  • Broadband Wireless Hub Site and Access Point Design and Construction Assistance
  • Personnel Evaluation, Supervision and Training
  • "AML" Microwave Link System Design and Equipment Selection
  • Product Marketing
  • PHY Layer Broadband Wireless
Remec Magnum, Sector Antenna in Austin, Texas


    • A Willingness to Travel to or between Your Project Sites.
    • Long or Short Term Assignments.
    • Call about Rates and Availability.

Contact Information

    Daniel L. Mitten
    505 Fairhill Rd.  Hatfield, PA 19440

    (215) 915-9292  (Direct)

    (703) 546-4233  Herndon / Reston, VA

                               (425) 406-3241  Kirkland, WA

                               (516) 531-4869  Farmingdale, NY

                               (330) 353-9555  Canton, OH

ENUM: *013-1-215-915-9292
                               SIP Broker: *011-1-9292

TSI-USA Subscriber Transceiver W/Spotbeam Antenna
Employer - Client List

  • Sprint / NEXTEL
  • Weitel Communications
  • Detecon Consulting
  • Motorola
  • Sensoria Corp.
  • Clearwire
  • CS Wireless Systems
  • CAI Wireless Systems
  • ACS Enterprises
  • Speednet, LLC
  • ComSpec Corp.
  • Conifer II
  • Hotwire Communications
  • Winbeam
  • Quaker Capital Management
  • Antenna Products / Phazar
  • Remec Magnum
  • Princeton MicroSystems
  • Methode Electronics
  • National Communications Services
  • General Instrument Corporation
  • Thomson - CSF
  • General Electric - Space Division
  • Heartland Wireless Cable Television / Nucentrix Internet Services
  • East-West Communications
  • CGS Incorporated
  • American Meter - Singer
  • Jerrold Electronics
  • Gartec
  • RDL Inc.
  • Solid State Scientific
  • Eastern Instrumentation
  • Pennsylvania Scientific Devices
  • Viking Communications
  • BroadAir Communications
  • Global Spectrum Development
  • Gateway Access Solutions
  • Techtrol Cyclonetics, Inc.
  • American Electronics Laboratories
  • SGS Thomson
  • Ram Precision
  • Ridan Industries, LLC

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