Gizmo5, going away. Replacement Service.

UPDATE (4/4): “SIP Registration” Failed Monday. Bye, bye Gizmo5.

UPDATE (3/22): A request to the Support Desk at Gizmo5 has not been answered, but it appears that they may have pulled their STUN Server offline.

UPDATE (3/21): One of our Gizmo5 accounts has failed “SIP Registration” since approximately 2:00 PM today. Maybe they aren’t going to make it until the 3rd!

UPDATE (3/15): We were able to complete the porting of a number from Gizmo5. It required 7 days. This means, don’t wait, if you need this done.

The Gizmo5 VoIP service is closing up shop. We all knew it would happen sooner or later, but it would have been nice to have a little more notice. I got my notice today. I’m talking about the network formerly known as SIPPhone then briefly Gizmo and lastly Gizmo5.

The operation was acquired by Google and was incorporated into the Google Voice product. During their existence, many products and enhancements were offered, some worked well, others not so. Personally, I found some of the products unreliable enough to look for a replacement several years ago.

Having said that, I expect that my two Gizmo5 accounts will be hooked to something until the very end. I use one DID into an VoIP PBX that I built last year and it has worked very well. The other was used as my business line, with an aliased number. If you are one of my customers and I’ve called you sometime in the last three years or so, that was the line that was used. I use another service (see below) for my incoming business lines and my residential service, however.

Back to the replacement issue. I don’t sell anything related to my Microwave consulting practice, I’ve felt that was an appropriate stance, as I want to be “vendor agnostic”. That doesn’t mean I don’t make recommendations or have favorites. It means if a client has something else in mind, I will do my best to get that vendor or equipment to meet his needs.

I have been reselling VoIP services for several years and have many satisfied customers. My web site can be found here:  (Not just toll-free numbers) Links from that web page will lead to automated account sign-up, service and number selection. The free internet calling features are available with a simple account. We would be glad to have you use it, please give us a try. If you use a VoIP SIP adapter, phone or PBX with Gizmo5, the transition will be very simple, and the network is very NAT friendly. Again, give this a try with the free account, do some testing and you will be ready when the Gizmo5 service goes down for the last time.

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